how to fix quickbooks error 80070057 ?

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how to fix quickbooks error 80070057 ?

Post by smith123 on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:52 pm

I am getting quickbooks error 80070057 when I try to delete a scheduled direct deposit? I have tried 3 different browsers and get the same error?


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Re: how to fix quickbooks error 80070057 ?

Post by Admin on Wed May 24, 2017 10:50 pm

QuickBooks Clean Install

What is Clean Install : I am sure everyone using must have heard the term clean install from somewhere or the other but do we really understand the term clean install.?

what is the difference between a normal install & clean install. ?

hope this post will help you to understand clean install in reference to QuickBooks.

Whenever we install QuickBooks on our computers it creates its own folder on the C: drive by the name on the product. Example : intuit, QuickBooks 2014, POS13, etc etc.

Now when you uninstall the program it gets removed however the folders created the software remains their & when you try to reinstall the software it puts the new installation file on the same directory ether spiking them for replacing the as per your command which done not resolve the problem most of the time.

The idea of clean install is to create the new installation folders.

Clean Install from automated tool

Intuit has provided a clean install tool

Click here to download the tool.

Download the tool & save it on the desktop.
Click I Accept on the license agreement.
Select your version of QuickBooks and click Continue to start.
Click OK when you see the message “QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, please install to the default directory.”
Restart your computer
Install QuickBooks on the default location
However i prefer the manual clean install.

manual clean install steps

Note : this steps are for vista, win 7 & windows 8.

Uninstall your Quickbooks.
Restart your Computer.
Go to the following directory & rename the intuit folders to intuit.old
C:\Program Data\Intuit
C:\Users\(current user)\AppData\Local\Intuit
C:\Program Files\Intuit
64-bit version C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit
Install QuickBooks on the default directory.
(since the intuit folders has been renamed it will create new folders.)

Hope This was helpful.

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