Can some tell me how to fix QuickBooks error 80070057?

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Can some tell me how to fix QuickBooks error 80070057?

Post by sandymanner on Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:58 pm

I have been getting this error from very long time. And its been coming on regular intervals. I have very hectic work schedule, I never though this could make my life hell! Pls help to find solution before I loose everything.Sad Sad Sad


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Re: Can some tell me how to fix QuickBooks error 80070057?

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:07 pm

Error: 80070057 the parameter is incorrect, or You do not have sufficient permissions
When you try to open a company file, you see one of the following messages:

QuickBooks Error 80070057 the parameter is incorrect.

You do not have sufficient permissions to delete files in the specified folder. To use QuickBooks in a multi-user environment, you must have read/write access and create/delete rights to the folder where the company file is stored.

If you get the error while installing QuickBooks Desktop, try re-downloading the program from the website.

Why this is happening
There are several possible causes for this error:

You tried to open QuickBooks Desktop by double-clicking on the company file, rather than by opening the file from inside QuickBooks Desktop.
You use a third-party firewall and it is not configured correctly for QuickBooks Desktop.
You use BitDefender, which blocks uncommon ports when there is data traffic between computers. QuickBooks Desktop 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014 use the database service running on the host computer. This database service communicates through ports 56727 (2017), 56726 (2016), 56725 (2015) and 56724 (2014) respectively. BitDefender blocks these ports by default.

How to fix it

Intuit recommends several solutions for this problem. The first solution may solve your problem, or you may need to try all of them to resolve the issue. For best results, perform the solutions in the order shown.

IMPORTANT: If you are attempting to open a file stored on an external drive or flash drive, copy the file to your hard drive and open it from there.

Solution 1:
Run as administrator
Re-launch QuickBooks Desktop by right-clicking the program icon and choosing Run as (administrator).

Solution 2:
Update QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release
Update to the latest release.
If you still see the error, try the next solution.

Solution 3:

Open the company file after the QuickBooks Desktop program has already opened

Unlike other programs you may be familiar with, QuickBooks Desktop is not designed to open by double-clicking your company file. Open QuickBooks Desktop first, then if your company file doesn't open automatically, open it through QuickBooks Desktop.
Click the Windows Start button and select Programs or All Programs.
Choose QuickBooks.
Note: In Windows 10 and 8, on your keyboard, press Windows  and type QuickBooks.
Choose the QuickBooks Desktop version you trying to open.
After QuickBooks Desktop has opened, if the company file you need to use does not open automatically, choose File and select Open or Restore Company.

Solution 4:
Download, install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor.

Solution 5:

Manually Resolve Error 80070057

The following steps can be used if the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool does not run successfully on your computer or if you prefer a manual solution.
Search for .nd files:
Windows 10 and 8: On your keyboard, press Windows  and type *.nd. Click Files.
Windows 7: Click the Windows Start button and in the Search field, enter *.nd.
Windows Vista: Click the Windows Start button, select Search, and enter *.nd.

Delete the .nd files:
Click the first .nd file to highlight it.
Right-click and choose Delete.
In the Confirm File Delete window, click Yes.
Repeat steps a and b for each .nd file.
Click the Start button and choose All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Note: In Windows 10 and 8, on your keyboard, press Windows  and type QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Click QuickBooks Database Server Manager to open.

On the Scan Folders tab, click Add Folder to display the Browse Folder window.
Click the + signs to expand the folders and find the folder where your company files are stored. Then click OK.
Repeat steps 4 and 5 to add additional folders.
Once all the folders are added, click Scan.
A list of files appears in the QuickBooks company files found window.
Attempt to open the file again.

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